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About Us

What is Veggyland and what we do here?

Veggyland is socially responsible eCommerce company where passion focused on vegan food, along with approach for smart & healthy eating and well-being. Our online grocery supermarket offers widest range of vegan products (over 5K) by USA manufacturers, among which: meatless proteins frozen & deli, plant-based beverages, vegan ice cream, creamery and dairy alternative; plant based snacks, sweets, nuts and fruits; favorite pantry, dry goods, canned goods, baking, all sodas& natural beverages. We carefully pick only plant based and vegan certified products from our food distributors to bring everything under “ONE STOP VEGANSHOP”.

Our online store is equipped with helpful nutritional tools to calculate your personalized diet details. Also, we offer a consistently growing library of unique vegan recipes with detailed instructions, ingredients breakdown and direct link to buy it in our store. We provide basic knowledge of Food Science, Food Guide and Ingredients Table for newbies to start and pros to keep track of vegan only, plant-based ingredients.

Our Key Membership is one of the best ways to start vegan lifestyle or keep up with new and favorite vegan products delivered to your door across all USA. Key Members Unlock all the benefits of the store:  

-         Maximum discount on all products

-         Progressive Rewards & Loyalty

-         Discount on Shipping

-         Affiliate & Ambassador

-         Exclusive Offers, Invites & Giveaways

Our project is raised by community of vegans and socially conscious people. Tirelessly we do our job with pleasure because we unite people with nature, more vegans and vegan interested people join the community, share the movement & gain benefits of the lifestyle for themselves and Mother-Earth! Our “vegan family” and ambassador community grows every day and fuels our socially responsible mission and plans on making our local communities kinder and prosper.

Our support is available 10am – 6pm Mountain Time (Monday – Friday). We usually get back to you within 24 hours.


Every day we are glad and grateful to implement our mission with our dearest ambassadors and members making this World a better place to “Grow Together!” – Our motto means we want to share a way for success in Life & Work, promote cultural & planetary values we strive for. While we growing, we want others to grow and always willing to make meaningful contributions to communities that MATTER. With every purchase at Veggyland, we regularly share profits and sponsor into major 3 projects to support critically necessary movements for us, our kids, animals and planet's future.


We create values for everyone to benefit

Educational Satisfaction & Practical Level Up
DIY Girls project's mission is to increase girls’ interest and success in technology, engineering and making through innovative educational experiences and mentor relationships
Million New Trees/Year
We are happy to contribute to One Tree Planted , as we are committed to a cleaner, greener and prettier Earth. In 2018 they seeded 1.3 million trees!
Rescued Animals
Rescue – Educate - Advocate! Today, at Farm Sanctuary’s Los Angeles, CA and Watkins Glen, NY Sanctuaries you will find nearly 1,000 rescued animals—each with an individual story to tell.
Clari R.
Clari R.